This symphonic picture composed by Konstantin and Natalie Logvinov in Ulyanovs in april-may 2002. The premiere has happened 8 february 2004 in Sankt-Petersbourg, in the Colonnas Hall of Pedagogic State University named by Hertsen
It was played by state symphonic orchestra "Klassika" (conductor - Roman Leontiev)
The record made on this concert, here You can take the first part of picture, others will placed later.


Konstantin and Natalie Logvinov

We are living in changeable world. Don't know - may be tomorrow will be rain, or some researcher will open a new window for people? May be there will be a prize in a lotto! On the other side, it was one time - all great population of dinosaurs have died out

Many senturies people are thinking about eternal questions. At this time alter worlds exist side by side with human race. Some of them are visible - flora-world, fauna-world, mineral-world, micro-world etc, some of them are invisible, the majority of them havn't names even. But eternal questions hang above alter worlds as above human race. All creatures were here from darkness or alter worlds, each distanded from others and constantly forgiving about alter relatives. World laws permanently struggle against each alter, consciousness can't see together at same time all them collisions, the reasons of action of global forces are lost in these interlacings. May be only throw remembering and integration of subjective differences between alter worlds are possible some surgrowthing for subject essence higher then it are now. NAS:TROE:SUR:nie was composed from contrast mood, feeling of world subjects, spontantly changed in time. We have a word to call this music - altermirism (mir mean world on russian). Each moment of this music have as meaning as falling of water from heaven, or elections of the president, or stumbling of warm on ways to him hole, or the protest of the teenage against something all. All together this composition mean something too.

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